Chef Iside De Cesare, La Parolina - 1 Michelin Star
The EVEREO® is a product that makes us look at our work with new eyes.

From the beginning I understood the innovation potential of the EVEREO®. A product that breaks the mould, a product to be discovered and used. I tested it with curiosity and enthusiasm.


Federico Rizzi, Owner of Maggiordomus
The Evereo makes you work in a different way, but in terms of time and speed it offers a great number of advantages.

Holding temperature and heating is an essential combination for us. It is a delicate balance in which you have to be a great player, as well as having excellent tools.


General Manager at major supermarket chain
With the EVEREO®, our staff are more relaxed, and the organoleptic qualities of the dishes improve as they are being preserved.

One of our main goals is to hold main courses. Grilled, breaded or boiled, they must maintain the right consistency, colour and natural flavour after cooking.


Renato Pellizzari, Executive Chef, F&de Group
With EVEREO® the limits of space, time and energy are completely surpassed, and the ease of transport is an added benefit.

We handle large volumes of banqueting and this has a significant impact on the workflow. The more food you need, the more careful you have to be.


General Manager of the greatest bars in Corso Como, Milan
The EVEREO® has allowed us to increase our turnover during lunch while using the same resources.

The bar is synonymous with speed and immediacy. If choice can also be added to this mix, the consequent rise in quality is noticeable.


Andrea Calistri, Managing Director & Founding Partner Dante’s
We have managed to organize product refills so that we eliminate waste. Thanks to the EVEREO®, we have revolutionized the way we work. This product has become an invaluable part of the team.

Quality and speed are both essential. Anything that leads to improving these two factors is more than welcome.

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