Up to 72 hours


Cook as you have always done using an open UNOX MULTI.Day Tray. Once the cooking is over, vacuum-seal the tray with the patented MULTI.Day Vacuum Pump and place it into EVEREO®, with no need to cool down the food (available from january 2020).
EVEREO® will preserve the food at service temperature for up to 72 hours, and you will be able to serve it in seconds when needed.


Up to 72 hours


The MULTI.DAY certified Bags are designed to withstand the stress of temperature during the cooking and preserving processes, guaranteeing that no plastic migrates into the food during the Service Temperature Preserving period.
Once cooked, insert the MULTI.Day Bags in EVEREO® without cooling them to preserve them up to 72 hours at service temperature and be always ready for any order.


Up to 8 hours:


EVEREO® allows you to hold trays of cooked food that have not been vacuum sealed for well over the 2 hours permitted by traditional holding cabinets. Thanks to EVEREO®’s precise atmosphere and temperature control, your food can be held in closed containers for up to 8 hours with impeccable results.
With the SUPERHOLDING mode you can set your personal programs while using not-sealed or open containers or trays, and have your food held at the precise temperature and humidity that you set for up to 8 hours. 


Preserving without cooking


The revolution is now: if you own EVEREO® you can add great products to your menu without having to cook them.

At www.mealmefood.com you will find solutions for a complete menu or to enrich yours with special items, such us meals suitable for those who suffer from food intolerances and allergies.


You can choose how to use EVEREO®: as a sophisticated holding cabinet - obtaining preserving times that have never been reached before - or taking full advantage of the food preserving at service temperature technology, keeping your dishes ready for days. If you are looking for more flexibility, you can even choose to use the different features of EVEREO® at the same time.

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