General Manager of the greatest bars in Corso Como, Milan
The EVEREO® has allowed us to increase our turnover during lunch while using the same resources.

The bar is synonymous with speed and immediacy. If choice can also be added to this mix, the consequent rise in quality is noticeable.




The majority of our customers at lunchtime are office workers. We have managed to increase the number of tables served by 70%, which guarantees a higher turnover and higher profits.


- 1 person

More tables are served with one less member of serving staff. This is because the food is ready, and it does not require checking or preparation.


+ 40%

More customers and less staff lead to just one positive conclusion: an increase in turnover.



We only use the hob to cook sauces once a week


The portions are ready to be served, directly from the containers


Up to 3 weeks (depending on the dish)


The full menu, available at any time of the day

I couldn’t believe my ears when I first heard about the EVEREO®. My staff and I were perplexed, but after the first few days of use, we realized that we could no longer do without it.

We are a bar and we do not have a kitchen on site. But the EVEREO® effectively brings a small kitchen into our business and therefore allows us to expand our customer offering: from panini and frozen meals to hot first and second courses and side dishes - a complete meal. This gives us the opportunity to integrate different recipes with many different ingredients. This is a crucial advantage that leads us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Is that not what every business would like to do?!

The EVEREO® also allowed us to give a better level of service during lunch time, which is fundamental for a bar like ours, which works a lot with local office workers.

Our turnover has increased considerably: 40%, to be exact, with the use of less serving staff than before.

Unox staff showed me and my collaborators the product itself and its various uses. This support and the extreme ease of use have allowed us to work confidently with the EVEREO® almost immediately.

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