Andrea Calistri, Managing Director & Founding Partner Dante’s
We have managed to organize product refills so that we eliminate waste. Thanks to the EVEREO®, we have revolutionized the way we work. This product has become an invaluable part of the team.

Quality and speed are both essential. Anything that leads to improving these two factors is more than welcome.




The turnover of tables is faster, especially at lunch time. This allows more people to be served with higher quality dishes.



We have a varied menu: delicious starters, pastas, salads and pizza. With EVEREO® 70% of our dishes can be cooked, held and served hot while maintaining their consistency and properties: a real achievement.


More variety

We have introduced products that tend to lose their flavour and properties in a microwave; with EVEREO® the flavours and organoleptic qualities remain unaltered.



Only 2 days a week are fully dedicated to long preparations


The labelled containers are easy to manage in small spaces


Up to 2 weeks (depending on the dish)


Fast food served in crock bowls is a dream

At first, I was puzzled, as is often the case when using something that is a completely new concept.  
By using the EVEREO®, my service and that of my chefs has become much faster, even more so than at McDonald's, and this for a franchise like ours, is vital.

We are proudly Tuscan: our stores are busy, but the focus remains on traditional dishes. We have to work quickly and impeccably. Speed goes hand in hand with quality. This is our revolution, and this is Dante's. The EVEREO® allows us to go above and beyond for our customers and to build on the name we have made for ourselves.

Now we are no longer limited in our choice of ingredients, as the consistency of the dishes is never compromised. When we first designed our menu, we had rejected any dishes or ingredients that, once reheated, would not have the same quality as when they are cooked and served immediately.
Today we are happy to be able to include these dishes in our menu, as they reflect who we are as a company and what we are able to do.

The flavour remains unchanged, and the customer satisfaction increases, as indeed does ours.

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