General Manager at major supermarket chain
With the EVEREO®, our staff are more relaxed, and the organoleptic qualities of the dishes improve as they are being preserved.

One of our main goals is to hold main courses. Grilled, breaded or boiled, they must maintain the right consistency, colour and natural flavour after cooking.




It’s a balancing act: when energy savings increase, and the supervision needed for a phase of the process decreases, costs also decrease.



Staff are fully concentrated on service, as the dishes are kept hot in complete autonomy. It’s like having another pair of hands.



When the use of the oven or microwave is no longer needed, the preparation time of the dishes is reduced.



We only use the hob to cook sauces once a week


The portions are ready to be served, directly from the containers


Up to 3 weeks (depending on the dish)


The full menu, available at any time of the day

In large scale distribution we are used to using regenerators or holding cabinets, so we already had some knowledge of this field. However, then I was introduced to the EVEREO®, which enabled holding time of not hour but days. We wanted to see the product capabilities, so we held our products in it, tasting them after a few days. They were still as hot and delicious as when we had first put them in.
We have initiated an internal test at one of our stores. We have trained the personnel and standardized the process by including it in our operating manuals. Our staff are more relaxed, and the products have improved a lot from an organoleptic point of view. This has benefited customers and employees alike.

We have taken the management of our morning cooking to another level. The product is held at serving temperature and to date we have not had any stock shortage due to a lack of ready product.

Our interest was piqued in the EVEREO® and our purchasing decision was made after the demonstration by Unox chefs, which showed us how the product met all of our needs.
There are multiple different savings that the EVEREO® will lead to: from energy and management costs to the reduction of preparation costs time. Without doubt, it has many benefits.

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