Up to 7 days:


All you have to do is hermetically seal the food while it is still hot, using a simple vacuum pack or a filled-up airtight container. EVEREO® maintains the dishes’ natural moisture and their organoleptic qualities are unaltered, in many cases improved, especially for complex processing.
EVEREO® knows the right setting to be used for the most common foods and its control panel helps you to identify the perfect setting for your own meals.


Up to 8 hours:


EVEREO® allows you to hold trays of cooked food  that have not been sealed for well over the 2 hours permitted by traditional holding cabinets. Thanks to EVEREO®’s precise atmosphere and temperature control, your food can be held for up to 8 hours with impeccable results.
All you have to do is to set the temperature and the humidity level that better fits your food, EVEREO® will do all the rest. Your customers will notice the difference!


Up to 1 month:


In the EVEREO® Marketplace you will find ready-to-sell dishes preserved in modified atmosphere that you can order directly from your smartphone. Every vendor needs to be trained and approved by Exever’s team, to make sure you always get the quality you deserve. 


The food will be delivered via transportation at 4°C  and you will have to leave it into EVEREO® for at least 8 hours before serving. After that, you always have it hot and ready to be served at any time of the day or night. 
As a holding cabinet to give you storage times that have never been seen before, or taking full advantage of the Service Temperature Food Preserving technology, to keep your dishes ready to serve for days or even weeks. For maximum flexibility, you could even choose to take advantage of these two functionalities at the same time.

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